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Our whole foods approach helps us to ensure that all our ingredients are gluten and preservative-free, Non-GMO, and naturally good for you. Enjoy Halo guilt-free!


We offer more than just a dip! Our hummus’ are made using premium homemade infused oils, seasonings, and organic chickpeas. Halo Hummus is hummus done right.


Innovation has been the key to our success and that means pushing the boundaries of hummus-making. Bold and robust flavour combinations creates chickpea magic. 

Meet the maker

Born and raised in London, Nicole Bonnah is a Beijing-based Journalist, Teacher, Entrepreneur and Mum of one. She has been making hummus since moving to China’s capital in 2015. Her love (and addiction) to hummus had to be remedied after struggling to source the right blend to satisfy her insatiable need for the Middle Eastern delicacy.

In 2017 Nicole decided to share her love for Hummus and Mediterranean flavours with Beijing and Halo Hummus was born.

Nicole has a love for snacking and lives on platters of healthy nibbles and uses natural and quality ingredients to create simple but delicious savory treats. As a Londoner, Nicole is now ready to spread her hummus love in her home city as well as the world!

Halo Hummus Jerk Chicken Flavour
Halo Hummus Jalapeno Flavour
Halo Hummus Red Pepper Flavour

How it all began… 

The Halo Hummus story began in 2017 in a 200 square foot home kitchen on the grounds of a high-school in Beijing. From this modest space we decided to launch a small delivery and pop-up business, despite being armed with little more than a beaten down blender and an audacious plan to start Beijing’s biggest hummus revolution. 

With a growing international community and thriving artisan food culture, Beijing has become ripe ground for entrepreneurship, and Halo Hummus is testament of this. 

Nicole Halo Hummus Stall


Hummus fanatics from the Beijing expat community came in droves after we were encouraged by friends to start selling our hummus in local markets and pop-ups. Our Halo toppings and simple but fusion hummus blends sets us apart and gave hummus lovers a new way to enjoy their favourite dip. 

We strive to create not just good dips but quality ones using hummus recipes that are packed full of fresh, organic, and local ingredients that are free from gluten and preservatives. With our whole foods approach we were soon delivering hummus across districts, asked to cater events, speak on entrepreneurship, and sponsor projects. 

A connection between Halo and hummus lovers in our community was being nurtured one glowing innocent tub at a time. As we continue to push the boundaries of hummus making with insane blends and toppings — a.k.a, our best-selling Jerk Chicken — Halo has become more than just a dip, it’s become a lifestyle!

Black Expo Halo Hummus
BeijingKids Halo Hummus
Young Professionals Halo Hummus

Time For A Little Hummus History 

Hummus – Regions 

A middle eastern delicacy, made with an exotic blend of chickpeas, garlic, lemon, Olive oil and tahini.

 The history of hummus can be traced back to at least the 13th century, when the first known recipes for it were recorded by Egyptian Arabs.

 However, it is likely to date back much further and has no definitive region for where it originates from but is commonly recognized as having roots somewhere in the eastern crescent around the Mediterranean.

This area includes, Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel, Palestine, Morocco and Egypt.